Mistress Julie Simone

AVN Hall of Fame Dominatrix​​

Frequently Asked Questions 
1. Are you a lifestyle Mistress?

I consider Myself a lifestyle Mistress because I truly enjoy being a Dominant. Getting paid is an added bonus. I don't run an SM household as I feel that some separation is healthy and necessary for Me. I have two personal slaves in My stable but have room for one or two more. I am very into protocol which means capitalizing pronouns that refer to Me and calling Me "Mistress".

Yes it can be a pain to remember but nothing good in life comes easily.
That level of discipline and wanting to please is what I desire; it's what makes Me happy.

2. What are your favourite things to do in session?

For Me to enjoy something the other person has to enjoy it as well, which includes getting enjoyment out of doing something that makes Me happy even if the activity isn't a personal interest for the bottom. That said, My favorite activities are breath play with smoke, caning, single tail whipping, humiliation, face slapping, ball squeezing, nipple torture, forced dildo worship, anal play, and pushing limits. I have enjoyed doing play I wouldn't normally list as a favorite when the other person was really into it. There are times when it's more about the energy exchange then it is about specific activities.

3. How can I become one of Your slaves?

The first step would be to send Me an email and politely introduce yourself. One needs to understand that the purpose of a slave is to make My life easier. I have no interest in micro-managing someone as that adds work; it doesn't subtract work and alleviate stress. I will at times give potential slaves a task to test their seriousness and compatibility.

An example of a failed task : 
I asked a slave to check into a train ticket on a certain day and informed him I wasn't able to get on line to book the ticket. I already knew there was only one time that day and the rate. The slave sent Me the info along with the phone number to book it. What he should have done is book the ticket to save Me the time and hassle in doing so.
If additional information was required he could have simply asked.

An example of a good/desirable slave :
I was in the city with another Mistress. Her slave knew at some point We would want/need to eat. When We woke up there was already brunch money sitting in Her account. The slave sent way more than We needed for brunch so We took the opportunity to eat someplace extra fancy and to treat Ourselves. This is the sort of thing I desire and that makes Me happy.

I want an intelligent and motivated slave, not someone to whom I have to give explicit instructions. If I have to spend more time telling you how to do something than it would take for Me to do it Myself, I really have no use for you.

I don't want to have to ask for something, I want it to be provided as needed or desired. A slave should eventually be able to anticipate My needs and wants such as coming home from a trip to a full fridge and a spotless house.

Whining and having an ego are not an option. I don't care how pretty you think you are,
how lucky you think I would be to have you. If these thoughts even enter your brain, W/we are not compatible.

Buying something off My wishlist is a good way to introduce yourself.

My Amazon Wishlist

What you purchase says a lot about you, choose wisely. Regular gifts are expected and appreciated, often rewarded.

A happy Mistress will want to play more.

4. I can't afford a session, can I clean your dungeon in exchange?

I do not trade play time for sessions. In My experience the cleaning is not as thorough when done by someone who is not service oriented and is only doing it to get what they want. While cleaning they are often distracted and fixated on the play that is to come.

5. What does a personal slave get out of serving You?

Ideally one's satisfaction would come from being useful, making My life easier and doing things to make Me happy. I believe that mutual respect is important in any dynamic and appreciate the things a slave does for Me. I do reward good slaves with play time, but it's at My discretion and should never be something for which I am asked. Being asked for play time turns Me off and makes Me not want to do it. I am very generous with My time and like for My slaves to be happy. A slave that serves Me needs to be patient and respect My time. All parties should be very clear about their expectations going into such an arrangement and any changes or developments that come up should be discussed.

6. How can I be in one of Your videos?

If you are interested in being in one of My videos you may send Me a polite letter of introduction with your height, weight, interests, experience, limits, whether or not you need to be hooded and if you can be marked. If you fail to provide any of these elements in your introduction letter you will not be considered. One needs to be able to follow directions.

I do not film very often and have several people waiting to film with Me. I require all potential video slaves book a session so I can see what O/our chemistry will be or to pay full session rate. Pain sluts are in high demand. While your interests will be considered, the content W/we shoot is dependent on what I need or want to shoot at the time. I may offer a discount occasionally, however filming with Me does not equal a free session for you.

You will need to sign a release and bring 2 forms of ID with you; one must have a photo. 

7. What is Your dungeon like?

All locations are dependent on the city and what's available.

Let Me know in advance if you require certain equipment for your session.

8. Can I tie You up? Do You do other submissive sessions? Do You switch?

I almost never sub. If I feel comfortable with you, I might let you tie Me up. When doing a switch session I am always tied first. I prefer not to be gagged. I do not allow blindfolds to be used on Me. I do enjoy a hand spanking. I cannot be marked. I do not allow implements to be used on Me.

9. Will You get naked in session? 

I am never fully nude in session.

10. What are Your limits in session?

I do not allow touching or groping. You must always speak to Me in a professional manner. Vulgar language is not appreciated. You may not release on Me or on anything belonging to Me such as high heels, boots, etc. Once you have entered My dungeon/play space you MUST refer to Me as "Mistress". Failure to do so will lead to your session being terminated. No refunds. You will not be re-booked. Respect are protocol are incredibly important to Me.

If you can't respect My rules and limits you don't deserve to be in My space or have My time.

I also have no interest in seeing bondage escape artists. If I see you trying to get out I will assume you no longer want to be tied and O/our session will be over. No refunds. I will not re-book you.

11. What is the best way to reach You?

Email is the best way to reach Me :
Keep in mind I am extremely busy so sending Me multiple emails with impatient tones such as "????" or "well?!!"
is unacceptable and will prevent Me from booking you.

12. How long are Your average sessions? Do You offer extended sessions?

My ideal session length is 2 hours. I do offer extended sessions but prefer a shorter session first to get acquainted.

13. What are Your booking policies? How does it work?

I no longer do same day sessions except in NYC. A session with Me is something you should plan for and look forward to. I require deposits to book a session in cities other than Queens. This is NOT negotiable. There are a lot of options for sending a deposit including ones with no paper trail. If you need to pay using cash, you can pick up a reloadit card from several places including pharmacies, grocery stores, department stores, gas stations in the gift card sections. Appointment times are only held for 24 hrs. No deposit, no session. I'm not interested in hearing your excuses.

The deposit shows Me you are serious and helps Me to plan My schedule.

If for some reason I need to cancel, your deposit will be returned to you. If you cancel, I keep the deposit as compensation for My time spent discussing the session with you. It is not applied to future sessions. If you've cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice I will not re-book you unless you make amends by purchasing something from My wishlist and paying 50% of the session fee. Cancelling the same day as the session with less than 24 hrs notice requires 100% of payment in order to be considered for future sessions.

Sessions should take no more than 3 emails to book. Excessive emails will lead to Me not booking you. Please respect My time.

I require a confirmation call the day of O/our session during which W/we will go over your session requests. I will give you the address at that time. The confirmation call is essential for new clients. I will not confirm new clients via text or email. The phone call gives Me a lot of information and is the final determining factor for whether or not I will book you.

14. What are some of the reasons You would turn down a session? 

The most common reason for turning down a session is O/our interests are not compatible. Since I am independent I am not required to see you. I only want to do sessions I will enjoy. If I'm having a good time, you are more likely to have a good time as well. This is not open to discussion, no means no.

Other reasons include speaking to Me in a manner I find offensive or disrespectful. I prefer to be called "Mistress"; you should never address Me as "honey" or "baby" or start off a conversation with "hey". If you've previously no-showed for a session I will not re-book You. If you seem needy or continue to send Me emails talking about your fetishes or interests and haven't sent a deposit, I won't book you.

If you've come dirty for a strap on session more than once, I won't re-book you. Shit happens, but it shouldn't be happening in My dungeon. It's disrespectful to expect Me to deal with an unclean body and hazardous wastes. If you're unsure of how to clean out and prepare for a session, feel free to ask. This ties into the no same day appointments rule. If you're calling Me at 5p from work on a whim, there's no way you're cleaned out and ready for a strap on session.

My limits are not negotiable. You will not convince Me. Offering Me more money when I've already said no will get you banned. It's incredibly disrespectful. There are some things in life you cannot buy.

15. Do you offer private rope bondage lessons? 
I do offer private lessons for couples, Dommes, and individuals. Rates vary, the range is $75-125/hr. Please e-mail to discuss.

16. I'm not into any of this stuff but I really want to meet You. Do You do dinner dates?
I am open to the idea of meeting fans and being treated to dinners. However, My time is not free. You will be expected to pay for My meal, drinks, and time. Dinner dates/meetings are $125/hr. A 50% deposit is required.

17. Do you do shopping trips? 
Shopping trips require a minimum spending of $500 + an hourly rate of $100/hr with a 2 hr minimum. A 50% deposit is required. Dinner or lunch will also be paid for by you on top of the $500 minimum.

18. Do you do getaways? Trips? Events?
I would need to do a shorter session with you before booking a vacation/event/getaway. For any trips airfare, hotel room and all My meals and expenses must be covered. A 50% deposit would be required. The rate would depend on the length of the trip and activities included but the average is $2,000/day.

19. I want you to come to my city to session but it's not on your schedule
If I am coming to see you and only you, you MUST pay for round trip airfare and hotel on top of your session fee.

A deposit of 50% + expenses is required upfront.

20. Is it ok to bring gifts to sessions? 
It's not necessary but it's always appreciated. See above wishlist link for items with a wide range of prices. I enjoy dry red wine such as Malbec, Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, Cabernet, Nero D'Avola. Flowers are beautiful but not practical when I am traveling. I am allergic to strawberries and red roses. If purchasing something from My wishlist that is sent directly to Me, please remember to select the "it's a gift" option and include a note so I know who to thank when I receive it.

Sending Me a gift does not mean you get a discount or other perks. You should not expect anything other than a thank you.
Regular gifts do help you stand out from other subs and put you to the front of the list re: booking.

21.I'm really into using poppers when I play, is it ok to bring them to my session?
Absolutely not. I do not allow ANY drugs in My sessions.

22. Do You session with couples? 
It's not an interest of Mine at all. The only thing I will do with couples is rope bondage lessons. I prefer one on one energy.

Any additional people added to the mix dilutes that energy for Me and makes it harder for Me to connect.

23. What are cities to which you regularly travel? 
I am in St Louis, New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles a few times a year.