Trailer – Tied, Throatfucked, and Pegged!

Julie Simone binds a slave’s hands behind his back then shoves Her strap on cock down his throat repeatedly. She laughs at his gagging and discomfort, only stopping when She’s done. Julie then puts an inflatable hood on the slave & pumps it up. She then fucks him in the ass doggy style, pounding and laughing at his discomfort and screaming. Julie wears a cleavage baring purple satin corset with full back panties and fishnet pantyhose.


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New trailer – Femdom Fatale 5

AVN Hall of Fame director Julie Simone teams up with Maya Sinstress, Goddess Tangent & Betty Pickle in this stylized femdom video. Action includes ballbusting, latex, full weight jeans smothering, genital stapling, humiliation, CBT, flogging, whipping, electrical play, enema play, high heel worship, playpiercing, anal play, unicorn anal jumprope, double domination scenes, oralpunishment, CFNM, leather, medical play, and more! 83 mins.

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New Trailer – “Anal Punishment”

New Trailer – Anal Punishment!


Maya Sinstress, Amara Noir, Anna Valentina, Julie Simone and Quinn Helix all have one thing in common – They LOVE to PUNISH a man’s ass and strip him of his manhood. Big, fat strap ons, crossdressing, spitting, anal stretching, slut training, latex, leather, boots, a baseball bat and an ice cold enema round out this pegging anal strap on video directed by AVN Hall of Famer Julie Simone. 79 mins HD video

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New Trailer – Anal Bitchboys

Anal Bitch Boys get everything they wanted and more in this aggressive femdom strap on flick directed by AVN Hall of Famer Julie Simone. Latex, blowjobs, threesomes, penetrating both mouth and ass at once, cum eating, ass to mouth, interracial domination, dildo fucking, inflatable toys and more starring Julie Simone, Maya Sinstress and Mistress Tangent. 67 mins of hardcore anal femdom action!


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Individual scenes available at and

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New trailer – Throatfucked and Pegged!

You’re so ugly I don’t even want to look at you so I put a paper bag over your face & tear a mouth hole so I can ram My cock down your throat over and over and over again. I laugh as you gag and gasp for breath as I fuck that fuckhole on your face until it’s been sufficiently used up for My amusement.

You’re such a lame fuck Amazon Goddess Mistress Julie Simone shows you how it’s done. She has you on the bed on your hands and knees with your ass up in the air. You’re afraid and excited, She looks so hot in Her short and tight latex dress and high heels. The moment you’ve been dreading (and secretly anticipating) comes. She plunges into your ass over and over again, claiming that ass with each thrust and making you Her bitch. When you collapse on the bed She makes you adjust your posture. You don’t get to be a lazy fuck. She pounds your ass until She’s bored with you, making you repeat degrading phrases for Her amusement about your lack of manhood and new status as an anal bitch boy.FEMDOM, FEMALE DOMINATION, STRAP ON, PEGGING, DOMINANT WOMAN, LATEX, REDHEAD, CURVY, BBW, MALE STRAP ON, HUMILIATION, DEGRADATION, FEMALE SUPREMACY, FEMDOM SEX, ANAL, DOGGY STYLE, GAGGING, GAGGING WITH COCK, DILDO SUCKING, FACE FUCKING, FETISH

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“Whiny Little Baby” trailer

This is a new type of clip for Me – ADBL / Diaper Fetish. I hope you will enjoy it!

It’s playtime so of course you’re whining again. Tonight I have planned a special surprise which will either cure your whining ways or help you realize your true place in life! I start off by tying your arms behind your head and frog tie your legs to restrain you. You complain throughout but I am not deterred as I admonish you for your behaviour while adding on more and more rope. Now that you’re restrained I pull out a pink butt plug and put it in your ass. Of course, you are difficult and you push it out so I grab a diaper to help keep it in! Your belly is too fat for the diaper so I grab some clear packing tape and tape it on. For the final humiliation I put a crying baby mask over your head and leave you all alone, tied up, plugged and having to sit in a diaper for hours, maybe even days. I’m not going to change you, you’re going to have to sit in your own mess !

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New Trailer – Rubber Double Strap On

It’s been over a year since I’ve done a strap on scene. When Mistress Tangent suggested We film one, I was all over it.

Mistress Tangent loosens up a slave’s asshole with her strap on cock. Julie Simone enters the scene, removes his ball gag and fucks his mouth with authority while Mistress Tangent continues to pound his ass. The women switch and the slave is forced to lick his own ass juice off Mistress Tangent’s strap on cock while Julie pounds him hard. The clip ends with both latex-clad Women shoving Their cocks in his mouth at once. The slave is tied with rope and wears a straitjacket.

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New Trailer – Domestic Discipline

Julie Simone comes in to find Her slave hasn’t followed Her explicit instructions. She forces him to strip, then lectures and scolds him. She bends him over the sink for a bare bottomed spanking, chastising him throughout. Julie Simone is highly displeased with the slave She’s trying out and washes his disrespectful little mouth out with a bar of soap and a soapy rag which She uses to clean his tongue and the inside of his mouth so he can taste Her disappointment for the rest of the day. Also includes using Her soapy hands down his throat and gagging.Julie Simone takes the bad slave’s punishment to a more twisted level in the final part of the scene where She starts by spanking him with Her bare hand, then uses a hard wooden rolling pin on his bare bottom. She makes him count the number of spanks several times before starting the count all over again. The sadistic redhead doesn’t stop there, She puts on some yellow dish washing gloves, grabs some dishwashing liquid and penetrates the slave’s ass with Her gloved hand, then uses the rolling pin to sodomize him and give him a lesson in submission he’ll never forget. Also includes ass to mouth.

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Doll Fucked w Ass to Mouth & Forced Cum Consumption

“Doll Fucked w Ass to Mouth & Forced Cum Consumption”

Mistress Julie Simone fucks a slave's ass w a barbie doll

Mistress Julie Simone fucks a slave's ass w a barbie doll

From the AVN, XBiz, and FPA nominated DVD “Femdom Fatale”, When Julie Simone comes back to LA to find Negative 8 playing with dolls and still not gainfully employed she flips the fuck out. She takes one of his dolls, fucks his mouth with it while he gags, then forces him to strip down so She can penetrate his ass with the doll. After She’s done, Julie forces him to lick the doll’s legs clean and taste his own ass juice. But Julie doesn’t stop there! She knows negative 8 has a fear and revulsion towards cum. She grabs a jar of cum and dips the doll’s head in it then wipes the doll’s cum soaked hair all over negative 8’s face, in his nose and eyes, before putting it in his mouth and making him suck the cum out of his doll’s hair. Julie exits the scene leaving negative 8 completely horrified as he tries to get the disgusting taste of his own ass and man juice out of his mouth.

Mistress Julie Simone forces a slave to eat his own cum

Mistress Julie Simone forces a slave to eat his own cum

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Sounds, Penis Pump Torture, Enema Play & Anal!

Unconventional Therapy : Captyve wakes up naked & bound in a straitjacket on a medical table. He’s poked and prodded by a cold, tall woman played by Julie Simone who was hired by his wife to cure his womanizing ways. Julie’s unconventional methods include enema play, electrical play, urethral sounds, cock and ball torture with a penis pump, and anal. Will he be cured? Who cares when torturing him is so much fun!

Mistress Julie Simone Urethral Sounds

Mistress Julie Simone Urethral Sounds

Mistress Julie Simone Penis Pump Torture

Mistress Julie Simone Penis Pump Torture

Mistress Julie Simone Enema Play

Mistress Julie Simone Enema Play

Mistress Julie Simone Anal Play

Mistress Julie Simone Anal Play

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