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Julie Simone and Nikki Sebastian are getting ready for a shoot when Nikki leaves to get something. She’s gone a long time so Julie goes to look for her and discovers a huge box with Nikki inside! A stranger comes up behind Julie and knocks her out slowly. He then carries the redhead and puts her on the bed where he tapes up her ankles, fondles her, making sure she stays groggy, tapes her wrists, then carries her and leaves her in the hallway. Pantyhose. Hand Gagging.

Lena Ramon is forced to lick her Mistress’ pussy clean and make Her cum. Lena is naked and wearing thigh hi boots, Aiden Starr wears a corset and nude stockings.

Julie is barefoot and naked, strapped and locked on a spanking bench w a neck cage. A nose hook and dental gag distort her pretty face. Her captor spanks her, crops her feet, then inserts anal beads. Drooling.

Ashley Renee is dragged down a dirt path by Julie Simone who covers Ashley’s mouth with her hands, covered by leather gloves. Both women are in business attire, Ashley’s shirt is silk.

Julie binds Ashley, then continues to alternate between interrogating Ashley and covering her mouth with a gloved hand. Topless, groping, hand over mouth.

Busty Domme Summer Cummings flogs a bound and gagged Ariel X. Ariel wears a latex hood, 6″ stiletto heels, latex gloves and a chastity belt, Summer is in skimpy latex clothing and knee high boots. My fav part of this scene is when Summer calls Ariel X out for being a faker. She’s making a ton of noise when Summer is barely hitting her. It’s one of the many reasons why i love working with Summer, she’s the real deal, a great Domme and a great performer.

Julie Simone as you’ve never seen her. She’s forced to spread her ass, opening herself up and at her most vulnerable. Her captor inserts an inflatable butt plug, then locks her in a wooden houdini box with her mouth forced open by a dental gag and a nose hook added to further distort her features. Bare feet, topless, anal.

Amazon Dominatrix Julie Simone makes a bound and ball gagged Ashley Renee drool on her cock so it’s wet enough for her to fuck her with. Julie ends up spitting on Ashley’s pussy then pounds the bound legend over and over again while Ashley squeals and screams. Lesbian Domination. Redhead.

Julie Simone comes home from work, gets undressed, then a strange man comes up behind her and chokes her out. She wakes up locked in a steel contraption called “the impaler”. Hard metal on her wrists, ankles, forearms while a steel dildo penetrates her pussy. Her captor comes in the scene to make her predicament even harder by connecting her head harness to the contraption. Ring gag, clothes cutting, bare feet.

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“Julie Simone is a Dominatrix” trailer!

I’ve been working on this video for a long time and am thrilled with the way it turned out. The scenes in this video are the closest representation to how I like to play/ what it’s like to session with Me. It’s all Femdom/male sub except 1 scene with the beautiful Skin Diamond. Activities include forced smoking, rubber doll, vacuum bed, latex, otk spanking, caning, breathplay, anal play, strap on, humiliation, forced crossdressing, forced cocksucking and more. The DVD will be out in summer 2011.

Julie Simone

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“My Rubber Dolly” – trailer

Trailer for the clip “My Rubber Dolly” starring Hoodman as My rubber toy to do whatever I want with her. Includes vacuum bed, forced male orgasm, hand over mouth, rubber doll fetish, boob smothering, anal fisting, and strap on play. This scene will be part of My upcoming DVD release, “Julie Simone is a Dominatrix”. In the meantime you can check out this scene on my Femdom Clips4sale store, www.clips4sale.com/studio/3387

Julie Simone

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Ass Smothering and Breathplay

Ass Domination is a term I learned recently from my friend Bossy Delilah. I was familiar with smothering, but I’d never fully realized the power of my voluptuous ass until She put it into perspective.

I love breathplay, it’s one of my favourite activities. I typically like a more hands-on approach that includes choking, hands over the mouth and nose, looking into a person’s eyes and seeing that fear and anticipation as they wonder when they’ll get to take another breath…

However, the idea that by putting the full weight of my ass on someone’s face I can limit their oxygen intake simply by sitting without any other effort or exertion on my part appeals to me. When I wear latex pants or panties I’m able to completely seal off the mouth so there’s no chance for the sub to steal a breath. He or she is completely under my control and that is a feeling I find intensely erotic.

Mistress Julie Simone

Julie Simone Ass Smothering

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