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Before You Book

It’s important to think about your expectations and where you fit into the scheme of things.  Often times miscommunication leads to disappointment.  As intuitive as many Dommes are, We are not mind readers.  

Types / Roles


You can be more than one! 

A Kinkster wants to try something kinky and fun, not generally into pain or humiliation. Types of play can be light restraints with tease and denial, orgasm control, more sensual and playful in mood than strict.
A Fetishist is focused on a particular activity or item, generally isn’t submissive, though they can be.  Types of play include : Foot, Stockings or Boot Worship, Me smoking for you, Wearing Latex or Leather, wearing Gloves.
A Submissive wants to be told what to do within set parameters.  A wide range of activities can be on the table.
Generally the release a submissive is seeking is mental, though it can also be physical.  Going into subspace and feeling that intense connection with a Dominant Woman is its own high.
A Masochist wants to feel pain, he often wants to test and push his limits / tolerance.  In many of these cases a safe word is not used, however one may use one if he prefers. Types of play : Generally includes marks, welts, and more.  Single Tail Whipping, Caning, OTK Spanking, Paddling – Impact Play
Mistress Julie Simone Sept 2023

How it Works

1. Fill out the Booking Request Form at the bottom of the Page. The references section must include all the requested information to be accepted.  I do not accept fetlife profiles or ads for references. I only accept references from legitimate Professional Dommes who have Their own website URL.  If you cannot provide any references you will need to book a virtual session before you can book an in-person session.
2. If I accept your booking, you must send a deposit to lock in your spot within 24 hrs. Deposits are $150 per hour booked.  The rate for a 1 hr session in My dungeon in St Louis is $375, 2 hrs is $700.  My rate for Manhattan and all other cities is $425/hr.   Discounts are often applied to sessions 3 hrs or longer. In St Louis I am now accepting sessions 7 days a week, 11a-8p.
  Sending a deposit is non-negotiable. No exceptions. No deposit, no session.
3. The Deposit locks in your appointment so I won’t be double booking that time slot like many providers do.  It’s your time and I schedule accordingly so that the space is clean and ready, the necessary equipment has been pulled and sterilized, I am dressed and in the proper headspace to deliver the scene discussed!
4. The day of the session, you will confirm your appointment at a designated time via phone.  You will arrive clean and sober (no drugs, no alcohol in My studio!), with the correct tribute amount in cash (I love tips and gifts as well!)
5. I will devise a scene based on O/our mutual interests.  I don’t generally follow scripts but if there are buzz words or phrases you like to hear, you may enter them on the booking request form.
6. Once the scene starts you may communicate freely, but it makes for a much more enjoyable scene if you let go and let Me take control, let the scene develop.  Keep in mind I am not a submissive, so I don’t like people barking orders at Me 🙂
7. My personal dungeon is in St Louis.  If I’m traveling it is very likely O/our session will take place in a hotel.  If you prefer a dungeon setting you must put that in the comments/limits line in the booking request form and be prepared to pay for the dungeon rental fee (usually $75-100/hr)
8. For FMTY (Fly Me to You) sessions the cost of the flight, hotel and 50% of the session fee is required at the time of booking .  There is a 3 hr minimum for FMTY sessions.  The remaining 50% tribute will be due 2 weeks before the session.
9. I don’t pro-rate sessions.  If you book 2 hrs but decide you are spent/fulfilled after an hour and a half, you must still pay for two hours.

Cancellation Policy

While I understand life can be complicated and cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, please also understand that this is how I make My living and that I likely left open the hour before and after your appointment so I can deliver a great scene. Deposits are non-refundable. Cancelling with 2 weeks or less notice forfeits your deposit.  48 hrs or less will require full tribute being submitted.  Not confirming at the specified time is considered a no-call no-show.  To be re-booked you will need to submit another deposit and it will likely be a higher amount. If you’ve cancelled while I was traveling, you will be required to pay the full tribute amount in advance to be re-booked. I take My time very seriously and so should you.  If you cancel with more than 2 weeks notice, I will bank your deposit towards a re-scheduled date to be used within 3 months.  If I need to cancel for any reason I will return your deposit.