My Dungeon - St Louis, Mo

My Dungeon is a private space located about 25 minutes south of downtown St Louis near the 270/55 interchange.  There is convenient parking. 
Dungeon furniture includes a Bondage Bed, Spanking Bench, St Andrews Cross, and Leather Sling.  
Equipment includes gags, rope, handcuffs, leather restraints, rubber restraints, a latex vacuum bed, leather hoods, latex hoods, gas mask, cbt devices, leather straitjacket, whips, floggers, wooden paddles, leather paddles, canes, needles, urethral sounds, and more. 

I take disinfection very seriously.  All metal implements are disinfected in Alconox first, then put in an autoclave for steam disinfection at 250 degrees Farenheit for at least 30 minutes.  Once they are removed from the autoclave, the implements remain in their sealed sterilization envelopes until they are used.  

All surfaces are disinfected with the hospital grade disinfectant Cavicide.  I also have a UV light sterilizer.  Floors are cleaned after each session with a steam mop.  I have an air filter as well.  Gloves are used in any invasive play.  Masks are available on request.