Personal Servitude

In the event you aren’t able to do in-person sessions but you still want to serve Me in some way, to be useful,
or even to maintain O/our connection between sessions, here are a number of ways you can serve Me.

Buy Clips!

Buying clips is a great way to support your Mistress! It also helps you get more familiar with Her playing style and interests, as well as giving Her more info about you when you discuss the clips with Her.

Join My Members Site!

This is actually the BEST deal for My content.  There are 1,000 clips for one membership fee.  I add 2 new videos and 2 photo sets every week.  Special discounts for 3 month and 9 month subscriptions!

Follow Me on Instagram!

I have a new profile on Instagram! I’m starting over from scratch so I need all the followers I can get !

Buy Gifts from My Amazon Wishlist

I love getting gifts! I always need items such as stockings, lingerie, and sexy outfits for filming.  

Make Me Femdom Captions! 

These are great for posting on social media.   You take any photo I’ve posted and then add a caption to it in a photo editing program or app.  I love when people make these for Me.  (Gallery of previous ones below)

In Person Servitude

I am only accepting paid Domination sessions at this time.